Monday, October 26, 2009

I am writing this with my empty clothes line outside the window, it was raining so heavily this morning I didn't put out any washing, but now of course it's fine,if a bit cool and windy. This appalling spring weather can be blamed on me, first back in September I took our electric blanket of the bed, stupid of course it turned cold, second I bought jandels on the weekend, the curse of the weather gods is on us. Ok. have put photo up, yes this blog is proving so stressful I,m not sure Tom's and mine mother/son relationship can survive the teaching me computer skills required. I have also got a picture of my Christmas quilt I have finished, it was lying in my UFO pile for 2 years but is finished. ok I see I'm still a lot to learn but at the top is my quilt on it's side, but your head on a angle and you'll see it better.

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