Saturday, October 24, 2009

Haven't got the hang of this blogging thing, have spent the last hour with eldest son setting up, I admit I'm a Luddite. This is my blog to hopefully talk about the things I love, thrifting, quilting, baking, well cooking, all things vintage and crafts. There are bound to be problems as me and computers have a tense time and my tech savvy sons are not so helpful anymore, as Tom said how many times to I have to tell what to do. Well actually as long as it takes, which is in the forseeable forever if you get what I mean. So I hope to share my second hand finds, my quilts when they are finished you can see the unfinished ones anytime.
As we here go into spring I hope to be able to get out and about search for more goodies in the markets etc. While visiting a second hand/ junk/ vintage shop I picked up to flyers for a Vintage Market to be held in Woolston on Saturday the 31st of Oct. yeah Have told Chris (BF) and she has told someone else so hopefully I've done my best to advertise it, and there is a Fabric and crafty supplies market the next week on the Sunday the 8th, at the Scottish Society Hall. I shall attempt to take photos, whether I can post them depends if a kind boy is at home. Ha. So that's it, I have started and hopefully we can acrry on together that's if anyone is interested. Aunt B

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