Friday, December 13, 2013

Google made it very hard for a technophope to find her own blog.

Sorry about not posting, couldn't find my blog on my own Google account..............says much more about me than about Google I think. Couldn't remember how to download my photos from own phone. There is a pattern here. 
First news is Aj has gone flatting, (small dance of happiness allowed here), love him to bits, but he has learnt a few things already, mostly of the budgeting money to last a fortnight kind, and wasn't it easy living at home. Tom has applied for Secondary Teaching, one more year at Uni, although he graduates on Wednesday afternoon, with a BA. At last, I thing he will be with us at least one more year.
I will bore you now with photos.

The photos are
The last spring flowers from the garden.
Shepherds Pie
Lights from the Sensory Room
Catholic Cathedral at sunset 
Pink sky at night
The last photo is the a*** end of a reindeer going to the 
Santa parade, when we passed it we noticed it had no head, that was on the truck in front, and too think I thought they flew.

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  1. Lovely to see you back at the blog, I'm sure it must be Google to nice pics, love that reindeer butt.....